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我們從經典的幾何規則中學習,並以現代感重新詮釋。每個曲率都是使用數位製造技術精確設計和實現的。我們認為,不受材料的限制,珠寶設計的未來取決於拓撲的改革,這是數位製造帶來的一場革命。 Palace是在珠寶設計中展現這種曾經無法實現的美學的先鋒。

Palace applies the space-making aesthetics of architecture of jewelry design. We believe a piece of jewelry is a micro realm itself, where sophisticated artistic elements merge and become the structure, skin and space of micro “Palace” 

Elegance is our principle. Innovation is our specialty. Detail is our promise. Precision is our dedication. We learn from classical geometrical rules and reinterpret with a modern touch. Every curvature is precisely designed and realized with digital fabrication technology.  We believe without the limitation of materiality, future of jewelry design lies in the topological reformation, a revolution brought about by digital fabrication. The palace is the pioneer of unfolding this once non-achievable aesthetic in jewelry design. 

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