Professor Philippe Block and Tom Van Mele introduced to the students that the teaching goal of this time was to complete the tension formwork concrete form-finding, data analysis and extraction, planarization and 1:1 full-scale construction with COMPAS.
In terms of software introduction, the battalion is divided into two parts. The first part is to establish the basic geometric model through rhino platform, and then to find the 3-d graphical static shape of the geometric model through the form finding command defined by COMPAS on Python platform. The second part is to store the geometric model digital format (.json file) after form finding, import it into Python context, and operate it through COMPAS geometric command library, so that students can fully understand the basic set description of some seemingly simple commands, and then import the whole file into rhino to operate on the geometric model. Students finally get node,fabric, cable information through COMPAS and finish the casting work to the end.

Tutors: Philippe Block, Tom Van Mele (ETH Zürich)
Teaching Assistant: Xiao Zhang 

Group Members: Keerthana Udaykumar,Eleni Maria Skevaki,Chaoyu Du, Jinghan Li, Tan Ying Yi, Ke Liu, Di Ge, Dan Luo, Haotian Xu, Qiang Cui, Yihao Hu, Yumeng Zhang, Cong Wang, Nikolas Arvanitopoulos, Escudero Gongora jesus, Shuoyong Yang, Rui Liu, Kan Lin, Haoyu Liu, Xuan Liu, Qingfeng Yang, Jian Yan